Dear School Partner,

We know this time presents an enormous challenge for you, as well as your staff, parents and students.

Our Jostens team has been working to provide ways to help keep your school community connected as you navigate the challenge of continuing to learn and connect while in isolation.

The home page of has been redesigned to feature the following resources, available to the public (no login necessary):

  • A brand-new Harbor special release video from Mike Smith titled “Rooted in Love” (shared below), which acknowledges the challenges of this moment and calls for building community and taking care of each other. A set of reflection questions is available to use as a remote writing assignment. Click on the image below to view this video or click here.
  • Several Harbor videos from our library that deal with emotional situations pertinent to these times and how to navigate through them. Each of these videos have reflective pieces as well, originally designed for classroom discussion, but easily utilized in “at home” settings as well.
  • Links to trustworthy web sites with data and practical suggestions for coping with the pandemic.


“Rooted in Love” is a powerful statement for students, teachers and parents about finding the common threads in what we all are feeling, and using those threads to connect with each other even as we are separating ourselves.  We encourage you to share this with your school community.

Jostens customers also have access to a variety of online resources including almost six seasons of the Harbor and the new Leadership Curriculum, designed for classroom activities but including many activities that could be adapted for remote projects. Please let me know if you have questions about access to the resources within

This is a challenging experience for us all, and I hope you will let me help you through it. We are truly all in this together.  Thank you for allowing us to partner with you and your school.


South Carolina Jostens Team