A request for permission to hold an invitational or jamboree, signed by the principal of the host school, must be in the League Office at least 30 days prior to the first session of the event or 90 days if out of state teams are to be invited.  The request must include the purpose of the event, the sponsoring organization, the exact dates and the schools invited. A form to submit the request for approval.

Schools will not permit their students to participate in an invitational event or jamboree unless the League approves the event.

All teams competing in an invitational or jamboree must be members of the League or have permission to participate.  The League will not sanction any invitational tournaments or jamborees that does not have at least one member school participating or is beyond the regular season.

For each invitational tournament in all sports, the League will charge a $50.00 sanctioning fee.


Sanctioning when inviting  teams from SC only

In-State Form

Sanctioning when inviting teams from SC, GA & NC only

Bordering State Form

Sanctioning when  inviting teams outside of SC & bordering states, National Federal sanctioning is required