The SCHSL and PalmettoPride Building on Partnership 

Columbia, SC PalmettoPride, South Carolina’s anti-litter organization, has joined the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) as a new corporate sponsor building on an existing relationship between PalmettoPride and SCHSL. The two organizations work together on promoting the existing Living Clean Week program to local high school athletic teams, encouraging clean behavior on the court or field and cleaning up the environment.

“PalmettoPride is a valued necessity and fundamental part of being a productive South Carolina citizen. It has always been an education-based organization focused on the betterment of our state and that is why we enjoy a strong partnership with them. Our member schools want to foster the need for a clean, healthy living environment just as we promote a clean, healthy academic and athletic environment,” explained Jerome Singleton, Commissioner of the SCHSL. “Living Clean Weeks are an exciting time for our schools as we are able to continue our school’s community service efforts while we emphasis the importance of sportsmanship- zero ejections are the goal! PalmettoPride is a very much appreciated partner for the SCHSL. We look forward to a clean school year and taking our partnership to the next level!”

In addition to collaborating on Living Clean Week, this partnership will help grow PalmettoPride’s current high school program Litter-Free Games. Local high school groups can host a litter-free game at any home football game, helping raise awareness to prevent their schools stands from being trashed after each home game.

“Reaching high school students is so important but also challenging. Working with the High School League has been a great way for us to increase our presence in all South Carolina high schools and allows for student athletes to be peer leaders against litter,” said Sarah Lyles, Executive Director of PalmettoPride. “We look forward to continuing to build this partnership.”

Scholastic Sports Marketing in conjunction with Huddle Inc., the SCHSL’s marketing arm, negotiated the terms of the partnership.

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PalmettoPride is a 501C3 non-profit litter prevention organization in South Carolina. We engage citizens to take an active role in keeping their communities clean and beautiful. Our programs have helped reduce litter by more than 60%. For more information, please visit .


The South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) is the governing body of school athletics for the state of South Carolina.  Established in 1907 the SCHSL is comprised of 213 total member high schools and 214 middle schools.  The mission of the South Carolina High School League is to provide governance and leadership for interscholastic athletic programs that promote, support and enrich the educational experience of students.  The SCHSL is online at .

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Tammie Newman, the SCHSL’s Director of Communications and Public Relations, at 803.896.0417 or .