SCHSL Following Membership Rules 

Tammie Newman, Director of Communications/Public Relations                     / 803.896.0417

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                    Tuesday, February 5, 2020

SCHSL following membership rules

In the matter concerning Dorman High School’s potential invitation to a national competition, the South Carolina High School League wishes to clarify their decision and the process for denying the request.

Commissioner Jerome Singleton is obligated to follow the rules brought forth, voted on and approved by the SCHSL membership. In addition to the By-law that prohibits out of state post season play, the potential opportunity would also take place during a closed season which does not allow for practices or contests. The following By-law, Rules and Regulations were approved by the league membership and we are adhering to it: 

Article 4 Section 6|
No Participation will be allowed in an out of state game that is construed as a post season or bowl game.

Rules and Regulations:
Defined Sports Seasons – Page 8
Open/Closed Season Practice Schedule. Page 9

Commissioner Singleton states, “We regret the public misconception brought about from the denial of Dorman High School’s request to participate in an unsanctioned national competition. It is my duty to follow the Rules and Regulations as well as By-laws set forth by the SCHSL membership. As always, member schools are provided the opportunity to present their appeal to the Executive Committee for further review and possible override of the rules.  We are proud of the Dorman High basketball team’s accomplishments thus far this season.”

Dorman High has been notified of the decision and provided the opportunity to present an appeal to the SCHSL Executive Committee on February 12, 2020. A public notice will be issued 24 hours in advance of the meeting with start times for each appeal.


Rules and Regulations