SCHSL Appellate Panel Postpones Vote; League Plan Remains in Place Tentatively

The South Carolina High School League Appellate Panel met recently to hear the appeal from Lexington County School District One pertaining to the 2020-21 SCHSL Sports Calendar. The SCHSL Sports Calendar was approved by the Executive Committee on July 15, 2020. The Lexington School District One plan was denied. Therefore, they appealed the decision to the Appellate Panel on July 22, 2020.

“After much discussion amongst the Appellate Panel, Lexington School District One representatives and League staff, the panel decided that more information was needed to vote on the matter at hand. It is our hope that this issue will be settled on August 10thduring the next Appellate Panel meeting. Until then, we are moving forward with the SCHSL plan which was previously voted on by the Executive Committee,”–stated Commissioner Jerome Singleton. We are operating full steam ahead into fall sports which practicing guidelines set in place previously. Following CDC and DHEC health and safety procedures are the first and most important step to getting our students back in the game.”

Important items to note:

•The current SCHSL plan sent to the membership is still tentative due to the Appellate Panel decision to table making a ruling on the Lexington School District One appeal on the Sports Season Calendar.

•Appellate Panel will meet on August 10, 2020,to vote on approval or denial of the Lexington County School District One request.

•Until a decision is made by the Appellate Panel, member schools should follow the tentative plan previously shared.

The attached is the 2020-2021 SCHSL Sports Calendar (subject to change due to pending appeal). The SC High School League is looking forward to a full,hearty sports season this fall and beyond. The process, up to this point, has been a long and arduous task. It’s also been a worthwhile“growth spurt”for everyone involved in middle and high school sports.“Teamwork”in 2020-21 has a whole new meaning.

Proposed Fall Sports Season Calendar

Fall Sports start date moved from July 31st to August 17th for first day of practice for all sports.

Start date will be reviewed within 1 week prior to determine if it is possible to start on that specific date. If determined that it is not possible, then the anticipated start date will be moved/delayed to no less than one week from the original start date.

Each time the start date is moved/delayed, the length of the sports season as well as the playoffs will have to be evaluated to determine the best option for each sport.Start Date Layout

First Game: September 11th(Begin with Region play)
Maximum Regular Season Games: 7
Playoffs Start:October 30th
State Finals: November 20th

Girls’ Tennis and Volleyball:
First Contest: August 31st(Begin with Region play)
Girls’ Tennis and Volleyball Playoffs Start:October 19th
Girls’ Tennis and Volleyball State Finals:October 31st

Swim and Girls’ Golf:
First Contest:August 31st
Swim State Finals:October 10th and 12th
Girls’ Golf Qualifiers: October 19th
Girls’ Golf State Finals:October 26thand 27th

Cross Country:
First Contest:August 31st
Cross Country Qualifiers:Week of November 2nd-7th
Cross Country State Finals:Week of November 9th-14th

Competitive Cheer:
First Contest:September 12th
Upper/Lower Qualifiers:Week of November 2nd–7th* Upper/Lower Qualifier*
Cheer State Finals: Week of November 9th-14th

In the sports of Football, Volleyball, and Girls’ Tennis, region play will be used to determine playoff seedings. Teams not making the playoffs in football will be allowed ONE additional game.In the sports of Swim, Girls’ Golf, Cross-country, and Competitive Cheer, qualifier events will determine advancement to the respective State Finals.