2021 AAAA Boys and Girls Lacrosse Seeding

1. Brackets will be seeded 1-16 with the higher seed being the Home team in all games
2. The committee will seed 1-8 based strictly on points.
3. The committee will seed teams 9-16 based heavily on points but will also factor travel as these seeds are placed.
4. For any team who is not able to complete 10 games, the committee will seed at their discretion using prorated points as the primary factor.

Points System
1. Teams must count 10 games of their choice to score points. Teams must maximize their points and may not reduce their point total for any reason.
2. Teams who do not complete 10 games will count all games played and the committee will prorate points for comparison purposes.
3. Points are calculated on the included worksheet but follow the calculations outlined below.

a. Assign the proper winning and losing percentage rating to each team based on its record. For example:

i. Team X – record 5-2-1, winning raw score .71, losing raw score .29
ii. Team Y – record 8-3-1, winning raw score .73, losing raw score .27

b. Determine each team’s individual point total as follows:

i. For every win, add the winning percentage raw scores of the opponent.
ii. For every loss, subtract the losing raw scores of the opponent.
iii. Add each team’s own winning percentage raw score to the total.

c. Set the final standings by ranking the teams in order using accumulated point totals. Results will add 100 to each score to prevent negative numbers.

2021 Point Sheet

1. Do not type in the grey boxes- these are auto-calculated.
2. List ALL opponents, result, and the opponents record
3. Complete OWN TEAM Record
4. Complete the Wins and Losses fields to include the appropriate RAW score (as shown: 3 decimal places) until your best 10 games (total, not each) are listed- no more.
5. Submit to Edward.moore@richlandone.org by 9am Friday April 16. All Point sheets will be collected and distributed to all teams for peer review. Any discrepancies must be presented by 1:00PM. The committee will meet at 2:00PM